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Notary Services

At Chinchilla Services, we go beyond officiating weddings. We also provide trusted and professional notary services to assist you in certifying important documents for legal purposes.

What is a Notary Public?

A Notary Public is a public officer appointed and commissioned by a state government to witness the signing of important documents and administer oaths. This role is pivotal in preventing fraud and ensuring that documents are properly executed. A Notary Public verifies the identity of the signers, ensures they are signing freely and willingly, and witnesses the signing process.

Our Notary Services

We offer a range of notary services, including but not limited to:

  • Acknowledgements: We confirm the identity of the document signer who acknowledges executing the document freely and willingly.

  • Jurats: The signer must swear or affirm that the contents of the document are true, in the presence of a Notary.

  • Oath/Affirmations: We administer oaths and affirmations which are solemn promises of truthfulness made in the name of the law.

  • Copy Certifications: We attest to the trueness of copies of certain documents.

  • Signature Witnessing: The Notary witnesses as an individual signs a document.

Why Choose Chinchilla Services for Notarizations?
  • Reliable and Professional: We are certified, bonded, and insured, offering you peace of mind and professionalism.

  • Convenient: We understand that notary needs can arise unexpectedly. Therefore, we strive to provide prompt and efficient services at your convenience.

  • Bilingual Service: We offer notary services in both English and Spanish, bridging the language gap and serving a diverse community.

  • Customer-Centric Approach: We are committed to providing a seamless and positive experience, putting our clients at the heart of our services.


For any questions or to schedule an appointment for notary services, feel free to reach out to us. We are here to support you in your notarization needs, ensuring that your documents are accurately certified and legally binding.

Thank you for considering Chinchilla Services for your notary needs!

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Note: As a Notary Public, we are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.

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